Brief: To produce a fashion film that gets under the surface about how clothes make us feel. Anomalous Visuals director Mélodie Roulaud was commissioned by online fashion, lifestyle and culture website NOWNESS to produce a film that captures women’s real-life relationships with their wardrobes.

Response: Skin seeks to move the conversation from how clothes look, to how clothes feel. It enters a voyeuristic realm of stranger’s relationships with the – often overlooked – sensory aspects of garments. The film’s narration is based on testimony with a diverse selection of women who evoke the pleasure, pain and irritation of clothes on every part of ourselves. Collaborating with production company Armoury London to produce a serene and delicate take on traditional fashion film, Mélodie’s response takes into account ‘real’ women’s feelings on how dress affects us on a day to day basis.

Results: Premiered on NOWNESS Skin has received an array of positive feedback for its inclusive and diverse take on women’s beauty issues, whilst also challenging the conventional approach of the male / female gaze within fashion.

Director – Melodie Roulaud
Exec producer – Jack Laurance
Producer – Clare Gibson
Production manager – Anna Cartwright
D.O.P – Luke Jacobs
Commissioner – Avi Grewal
Stylist – Ruth Higginbotham
Make up artist – Lucy Joan Pearson
Hair artist – Cathy Ennis
Editor – Lucy Berry @ Final Cut
Offline producer – Frankie Elster
Sound designer – Rowan Jennings
Focus Puller – Chris Hayden
Camera trainee – Amy Alicea
Data wrangler – Callum Wood
Movi operator – Alex Rice
On set photographer – Jake Thomas