ADIDAS –  promotional video coverage of the launch event for the revolutionary running shoe, the adidas Ultra Boost. In an event called “The Energy Takeover” runners across London applied for a place in the race which began in Camberwell and snaked its way through unseen parts of the city. Those who were lucky enough to get a place through the ballot were joined by people who were able to decipher clues on the adidas twitter page to earn entry to the race.

The runners were kitted out with the new adidas Ultra Boost, an adidas running t-shirt that included a timing chip and an individual route supplied through their smartphone that took them through the 10km distance. The running t-shirt was also linked a series of content capture setups during the race that meant participants received personalised photos and video clips after finishing.

All 200 attendees experienced their own journey on the run passing through specially designed adidas checkout points including running through an Energy station, a light installation, the world famous cricket stage at The Oval, and sets from London musicians.

Director: Roger Guàrdia
Videographer: Eleonora Cecchini
Commisioning Agency: CANADA