Client: SMART Group

Brief: To capture and edit a range of prominent events produced by the SMART Group for use as promotional content.

Response: Using a small team of videographers we captured and recorded various events produced by the SMART Group. Using DSLR cameras, portable sliders and stabilising rigs the team immersed themselves in the action in order to best visualise the events which included the British Rugby Captains dinner and SMART’s Christmas party extravaganza at Battersea Evolution venue. Using new and old footage we edited together a showreel to promote the groups wide ranging events catalogue.

Results: The videos were used as promotional content for the SMART Group website and social media platforms.

Production: Anomalous Visuals
Videographer: Eleonora Cecchini & Elva Rodriguez
Editor: Antony Price / Eleonora Cecchini
Commissioning Agency: Red-Photographic