Brief: To produce a fashion film that gets under the surface about how clothes make us feel. Anomalous Visuals director Mélodie Roulaud was commissioned by online fashion, lifestyle and culture website NOWNESS to produce a film that captures women’s real-life relationships with their wardrobes.

Response: Skin seeks to move the conversation from how clothes look, to how clothes feel. It enters a voyeuristic realm of stranger’s relationships with the – often overlooked – sensory aspects of garments. The film’s narration is based on testimony with a diverse selection of women who evoke the pleasure, pain and irritation of clothes on every part of ourselves. Collaborating with production company Armoury London to produce a serene and delicate take on traditional fashion film, Mélodie’s response takes into account ‘real’ women’s feelings on how dress affects us on a day to day basis.

Results: Premiered on NOWNESS and selected for the A Shaded View on Fashion Film festival, Skin has received an array of positive feedback for its inclusive and diverse take on women’s beauty issues, whilst also challenging the conventional approach of the male / female gaze within fashion.

Director – Melodie Roulaud
Exec producer – Jack Laurance
Producer – Clare Gibson
Production manager – Anna Cartwright
D.O.P – Luke Jacobs
Commissioner – Avi Grewal
Stylist – Ruth Higginbotham
Make up artist – Lucy Joan Pearson
Hair artist – Cathy Ennis
Editor – Lucy Berry @ Final Cut
Offline producer – Frankie Elster
Sound designer – Rowan Jennings
Focus Puller – Chris Hayden
Camera trainee – Amy Alicea
Data wrangler – Callum Wood
Movi operator – Alex Rice
On set photographer – Jake Thomas