Client: Par Excellence

Brief: Record label Par Excellence commissioned Anomalous Visuals to produce a music video for Foreign Beggars, arguably one of the UK’s leading Hip Hop acts. For the EP release of single ‘Modus’ we needed to create a dynamic and fast moving visual interpretation of the track.

Response: Working with the Foreign Beggars MC’s Metropolis and Orifice Vulgatron, director Melody Maker and dancer Angela Marie Hurst the video focuses on the interplay between the two MC’s rapping too camera and cuts of the dancer’s performance. Shot in studio we worked with multiple projectors and cameras to create additional layers of depth, colour and movement. A second version of the video was re edited for the D’n’B remix.

Results: The official music video for the single Modus was featured on a variety of music video channels, websites and social media platforms as direct promotion for the EP.

Production: Anomalous Visuals
Director: Melody Maker
DoP: Sam Fisher
Camera: Antony Price
Dancer: Angela Marie Hurst
Studio: A_SPACE