Client: Warp Records

Brief: Anomalous Visuals were approached by collaborator Sports Militia to work on a set of music videos for Warp Records newest signing GAIKA. Hailed as electronic musics answer to Basquiet GAIKA’s first release the Machine EP fused electronica, dancehall, grime beats with Brixton slang and Jamaican Patois. Deep, dark and dirty the music needed a visual to compliment its visceral sounds.

Response: Tasked to create videos for the singles BLASPHEMER & HECO on a tiny budget we worked on producing a unique aesthetic that echoed the dark and often disturbing sounds of the EP. With minimal studio lighting, single camera shooting, considered styling and set design the emphasis was on GAIKA to conjure up a performance to match the brooding vocals. Once shot the music videos were heavily post produced to add effects and extra found footage to establish the overall mood and tone of the Machine EP.

Results: Previewed on Dazed Digital and the Guardian website, both HECO and BLASPHEMER received warm reviews as the the EP and accompanying visuals spread across music websites and social media platforms alike.

* Director’s Cut

Production: Anomalous Visuals
Studio: Anomalous Space
Director: Mr Cruz (aka Sports Militia)
DOP & Edit: Sam Fisher
Music: GAIKA