1985 – Music Video

Client: Virgin Records

Brief: Anomalous Visuals were commissioned to come up with a visual concept for one of Virgin Music’s biggest releases of the year. Uniting the past and the present in an unlikely pairing of one of rock’s most iconic figures with two contemporary dance music heroes. Paul McCartney & Wings luminous ‘Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five’ was first released in 1973 and has been contemporised by Forward Thinking Music’s Timo Maas & James Teej for release on Virgin Records. The brief was to create a visual piece that would work alongside the track, uniting old footage of Paul McCartney and Wings with a contemporary dance piece. Alongside the music video we were also tasked with creating the album artwork for vinyl and digital release using the custom created 1985 neon logo.

Response: Working closely with the team at Forward Thinking Music we created a concept that highlighted the beat and drive of the remix, while celebrating the original energy of the track and Paul’s vocals. Using dance performance and colour as our main themes we focused on a timeless aesthetic that played with the ideas of dualism, memory and dream like states, interconnecting the old footage with the new.  Directed by Can Evgin and featuring the work of celebrated choreographer Aaron Sillis, Anomalous Visuals and Wanda London collaborated to present a unique and unrelenting interpretation of this vibrant track.

Results: The video for ‘Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five’ was released exclusively on fashion and lifestyle website NOWNESS then featured heavy rotation on Vevo, MTV and a variety of other music video websites across Europe and the United States. The remix received critical acclaim with a host of editorial features about the process of remixing such a distinguished track. The track was also nominated for best remix at the 59th Grammy awards.

Creative Agency: Anomalous Visuals
Initial Concept: Graham Cruz
Concept Development & Project Manager: Antony Price
Production Company: Wanda UK
Producer: Evonne O’Rourke
Director: Can Evgin
DOP: Jake Scott
Art Director: Francesca Mottola
Choreography: Aaron Sillis
Dancers: Naomi Weijand & Denzel Daniels
Make up Artist: Dorita Nissen
Hair Stylist: Regina Messen
Editor: Julia Knight
Colourist: Alice Syrakvash c/o Nightshift Paris
Photography: Antony Price