Client: Stop Making Sense

Brief: On the beautiful Croatian coastline, halfway between Zadar & Split, lies Tisno and The Garden: a magical secluded bay with its own private beach, a taste of paradise for intrepid party-goers! 4 days and nights of dancing in the sun, by the sea and under the stars, Stop Making Sense was a music event without pretension, full of warmth and a strong sense of community, all about the sunshine, the people, the music and the escape. Our brief was simply to capture and document the fun and frivolity of the music festival.

Response: In our second year of documenting the festival Anomalous founder’s Antony Price and Sam Fisher teamed up to cover the five day event. Focusing on crowd portraits, dancers, DJ’s and live acts across the beach bar, the live area, late night club Barberella’s and the daily boat parties, there close connection with the promoters, crowds and DJ’s allowed them to record the unique atmosphere of this bespoke event.

Alongside the documentary aspect Anomalous produced there AV LIVE show. Taking over the outdoor stage Anomalous curated an after dark cinema experience across the weekend which featured a mixture of bespoke live visuals performances and nightlife documentaries from the ourhistory archives, including ‘Club Culture’ (1988) and ‘Sub Berlin: The Story of Tresor’ (2008). Titled Cine A.M. the live performances from ADJ/AVJ as AV LIVE were based around the elemental themes of LIFE//SPACE//CHAOS, presenting a bespoke aesthetic of visual wonders to relax too under the stars as the late night ‘chill out’ area of the festival. These themes were visually compiled together as a short promotional video for post event and soundtracked by Bafta award winning sound designer Rowan Jennings.

Results: The event photography and video were used by the festival as the main promotional imagery for the website, social media platforms and print campaigns whilst being featured across the dance music online press.  The AV LIVE shows were well received and helped to generate interest in the Anomalous AV LIVE concept for future clubs and festivals.

Production: Anomalous Visuals
Photographer & DJ: Antony Price
Videographer, Editor & VJ: Sam Fisher