Client: Charles Worthington / L’Oreal Colour Trophy

Brief: Leading British hair stylist and salon owner Charles Worthington commissioned Anomalous Visuals to produce a moving image concept video, still images and live show visuals for his L’Oreal Colour Trophy award nomination. Working around the theme of Sci-Fi Charles wanted to create a futuristic and powerful set of images to showcase his unique styling.

Response: Working closely with curator Ryan Lanji and stylist Graham Cruz we wanted to create an other-worldly aesthetic that played with notions of beauty and fetishisation. Using specially designed head pieces and latex suits our model was asked to channel her inner space amazon for the shoot. Using coloured LED, wind machines and plastic materials we created a concept film that evoked classic sci-fi films and fashion futurism. Alongside the main video we also created visuals to be used for the stage show at the awards ceremony.

Results: The concept video was screened at the 54th L’Oreal colour trophy awards ceremony and used as promotional material for the colour styling across Charles Worthington salons in the UK.

Project Production: Ryan Lanji and Chad Martin
Visual Production: Anomalous Visuals
Creative Director: Graham Cruz
DoP: Sam Fisher
Sound Design: Neotropic
Hair: Charles Worthington and Marc Trinder
Hair Assistant: Sophie Trinder
Studio: Anomalous Space