Client: New York Indie Film Alliance

Brief: The community organization the New York Indie Film Alliance chose to create an ambitious tv pilot where infected people rampage through Brooklyn. In order to do so they decided to create a few proofs of concept to raise funding for the project.  Kujo Ashanti the founder wanted to capture the essence of old school grit of Brooklyn, BY and it’s demographics during a zombie like apocalypse. The scenes together would illustrate a powerful promotional tool to attract talent and garner further interest for distribution and financing.

Response:  Using natural lighting, a stabilization unit and drones, Anomalous Visuals Sam Kingfisher followed several “zombie hordes” as they ran through iconic areas of Crown Heights Brooklyn.  For more crazed attack scenes handheld camera shots were also used; especially for up close and personal zombie chases. To bring an illusion of scale with 40 extras on hand, multiple angles were used to maximum effect.

Result: The video was used in online promotional materials, pitch packages as well as the opening intro sequences to the  pilot episode.

Writer, director, editor & producer: Sean Ashanti
Cinematographer: Sam Kingfisher (Anomalous Visuals)
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