Client: MAMA & Company

Brief: The Straylight project, in conjunction with HTC, was a window into the forefront of music, art, culture & opinion refracted into one space. Brought to you by the teams behind MAMA, Lovebox, Somersault, Wilderness and The Great Escape festivals. The project created a thought provoking series documenting talented artists spearheading change in music, fashion, design, literature and the culinary arts. Straylight got behind the scenes of the UK music scene, discovering the ones to watch and finding future trends from those in the know by sifting through the noise and handpicking the best online stories from blogs and beyond.

Focusing on the Pursuit of Brilliance across the creative industries, Straylight commissioned Anomalous Visuals to record a series of interviews and short videos at a variety of MAMA Festivals, featuring musicians, DJs and other creatives.

Response: Working with the MAMA & Co production team two Anomalous videographers travelled around the country to attend multiple festivals across four weeks of the summer season. Keeping things light and simple we worked with DSLR to capture the series of videos on the fly.

Results: The promotional videos were used on the Enter Straylight website and across the MAMA & Co social media platforms.

Production: Anomalous Visuals
Videographer & Editor: Elva Rodriguez
Assistant Videographer: Hardy D Saleh