Brief: New York Fashion accessory designers SABBAT X HEMINCUFF approached director Eileen McQueen to direct a set of videos for the launch of The Dylan Bag. The driving inspiration behind the line is “Tailored for the Streets” so for the “DYLAN BAG” video project Eileen wanted to zoom in on the daily personal adventures of city living and highlight the constant engaged state we live in, where fashion and function need to be seamless.

Response: Following two different characters, each on their own mission through NYC, we see there emotions and interaction with the city and stories around them. In each of these moments, the character’s interaction with the bag demonstrates that style, attitude, presentness and togetherness-on-the-go that the city breaths. Working with Anomalous Visuals DOP Sam Kingfisher to achieve the desired look and feel for the story, the videos were shot back to back in a day. Starting in Bushwick, Brooklyn then moving to Central Park the crew captured pure NYC attitude along the streets.

Results: The videos were used as part of the soft website launch for the brand.

Writer/Director/Editor – Eileen McQueen
Producers – Clark Sabbat & Eileen McQueen
Video Production – Anomalous Visuals
Director of Photography – Samuel Kingfisher
AD – Justin Cassel
Makeup – Alyah Brown
PA – Nicole Retalis
Music – Rococo

Actresses/Actors –
Street Corner:
Nissa Pouncey
Xander Steel
Stormi Maya Alvarado
Kristen Barrett
Karim Bello
TJ Bolden
Gabrielle Nicole Brown
Guillermo Alonso Contreras
Kolade Eniola
Dimitry Harmon
Ashley Brooks Peden
Charmaine Querol
Nastja R.
James “Face” Yu
Fethawi Zerai

Central Park: